Our Exporters

In some circumstances, a business supplies eligible beverage containers in Victoria which will be then exported out of the State – either overseas or to another Australian state or territory. A business that exports containers from Victoria will be treated as an exporter under Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme (CDS Vic).

Because these containers do not stay in Victoria for consumption or redemption, they are not a cost to the Scheme. The exporter of these containers may therefore be eligible for an export refund.

Eligibility and How to Register

To be eligible for an export refund, exporters need to:

  • meet the eligibility criteria under the Scheme legislation;
  • register as an exporter through the online portal;
  • sign an Export Supply Deed Poll; and
  • comply with the reporting and payment claim requirements.

The Export Supply Protocol sets out this information in further detail, including how to register and receive an Export Supply Deed Poll to sign.

If you require further information, please see the FAQs.