Scheme Integrity

VicReturn is committed to ensuring the integrity of the Victorian Container Deposit Scheme. Fraud, corruption and misconduct have no place within our vision to “create a recycling scheme to keep Victoria beautiful”.

Preventing, detecting and responding to fraud, corruption and misconduct is a key part of meeting this commitment. We have zero tolerance for such instances and will take swift and decisive action against individuals or entities engaged in this behavior within our scheme.

Don’t Ignore It, Report It.

We use a confidential independent whistleblowing service ‘Your Call’ which is a 24 hour service for any fraud, corruption or misconduct complaints.

When reporting, please quote the scheme organisation ID: VICR
Telephone Hotline: 1300 790 228 (Mon – Fri 7am – midnight AEST)
Online Reporting: (24/7, 365 days)

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, whistleblower hotlines can be contacted online or through the National Relay Service (Australia only). Simply choose a contact method at and request Your Call’s hotline 1300 790 228.

In making a disclosure, please note that providing your personal details is optional. Irrespective of whether you submit your report via the hotline or online, we will treat all information in the strictest confidence unless required to disclose by law.