Material Recovery Facilities Operators

MRF Frequently Asked Questions

Am I considered a material recovery facility operator?

A MRF operator operates one or more lawful material recovery facilities that receive suitable eligible containers from a permitted material source in Victoria.  At this current stage, this does not include MRF operators that are a bottle crushing service operator or an alternative waste treatment (AWT) plant operator.

The definition of a material recovery facility as included in the Circular Economy (Waste Reduction and Recycling) Act 2021 Div 2 (1) is:

(a) a mixed-stream material recovery facility that sorts—

(i) mixed recycling from municipal residual waste into separate paper, plastic, metal and glass streams or other prescribed material; and

(ii) industrial waste; or

(b) a single-stream material recovery facility that—

(i) sorts material that has been sorted at a mixed-stream material recovery facility; or

(ii) takes single streams of waste and separates the component grades of the material;

What reporting and other requirements do I have as a MRF operator?

The requirements and obligations for MRF operators are being finalised and more information will be available soon (including the relevant protocols).

How does an organisation apply to join the Scheme?

To join the Scheme an organisation must complete and submit a Registration Form for review by the Scheme Coordinator.