Material Recovery Facilities Operators

The MRF Protocol defines an eligible container factor (ECF) as being the state-wide average of the number of suitable eligible containers in each kilogram of a material type (e.g., glass or PET). The ECF is used to determine how much a MRF operator is entitled to claim for each eligible material type, if the MRF operator uses the ‘weight’ method, rather than a direct count of suitable eligible containers.

The eligible container factor for each output material is calculated from sample data obtained in accordance with the Material Recovery Facility Sampling Plan. Factors are updated quarterly in line with the requirements of the plan.

Eligible Container Factors for Nov-Dec 2023

Below are the Victorian Eligible Container Factors for the period 1 November 2023 to 31 December 2023.

MATERIAL FACTOR (eligible containers/kg)
Aluminium 57.62
PET 18.57
HDPE 0.42
Mixed Plastic Segregated 4.64
Glass 1.19