Frequently Asked Questions

Am I an exporter?

You are an ‘Exporter’ if you or your business makes an ‘Export Supply’.

An ‘Export Supply’ is a supply of suitable eligible containers outside of Victoria for the first time where those suitable eligible containers were supplied by a First Supplier in Victoria.

The Export Supply Protocol explains this further, including relevant exclusions and inclusions.

How do I register to be an exporter?

Please see section 3 of the Export Supply Protocol for how to register.

When will I be able to register?

Registration is open now and for the duration of the Scheme.

What are the obligations in the Export Supply Deed Poll?

Please see a copy of the Export Supply Deed Poll here.

How do I sign an Export Supply Deed Poll?

All exporters who have registered through the online portal will be provided with a DocuSign link to the Export Supply Deed Poll to sign.

DocuSign links are expected to be sent to registered Exporters from November 2023.

What data or reports are required of an Exporter?

As a registered exporter, you will have certain reporting obligations:

Historical Data

  • A statement that specifies the number of suitable eligible containers supplied by the Exporter in Victoria in the 12-month period immediately prior to 1 November 2023.
  • This must be provided within 10 business days of the date you sign an Export Supply Deed Poll.

Monthly Data

A monthly Exporter Supply Statement setting out:

  • the aggregate number of suitable eligible containers that were the subject of export supplies by the exporter during the previous month in aggregate and by reference to each material type;
  • a statement that the Exporter reasonably believes that each suitable eligible container noted in the report will not be further supplied to a person within Victoria;
  • if the Exporter is aware that any information previously provided by that Exporter in an Export Supply Statement was incorrect, to the extent the Exporter has not provided updated information in a further Export Supply Statement, particulars of such incorrect information, including the respects in which it was incorrect and updated correct information; and
  • such other reasonable information required by VicReturn to inform and make calculations in accordance with the Export Supply Protocol and the Scheme Payments and Contribution Methodology.

The Export Supply Statement must be lodged with VicReturn no later than 15 days (or nearest Business Day) after the end of the prior month.

Annual Data

An annual statutory declaration confirming the accuracy of the prior 12 months’ submissions at the end of each financial year, no later than 40 Business Days after the end of that financial year.

This is not a complete description of the reporting requirements – please see the Export Supply Protocol, Export Supply Deed Poll, Scheme Payments and Contribution Methodology and the Data Specification Pack for complete information.

How do I receive an export refund?

Exporters must submit payment claims by lodging an Export Supply Statement through the online portal. Please see section 4 to 6 of the Export Supply Protocol.

How do I submit Actual Export Volumes?
  • The nominated portal users will be provided with access to the business portal the submit the actual export volumes.
  • Please submit the actual export volumes by the 15th day of the following month.