Material Recovery Facilities Operators

Material Recovery Facilities Operators

A material recovery facility (MRF) operator operates one or more lawful material recovery facilities that receive suitable eligible containers from a permitted material source in Victoria.

A MRF operator sorts and processes municipal and or industrial recyclable material, such as that collected through kerbside yellow bins, for recycling or reuse(1). The MRF operator performs the important task of sorting and recovering this material to be reprocessed.

MRF operators may sort CDS-eligible containers collected through yellow bins for further recycling. They are eligible to receive processing refunds for these containers in the Scheme.  All MRF operators will be required to sign up to a Material Recovery Agreement with the Scheme Coordinator (VicReturn) to be eligible to make a claim and receive processing refunds under the Scheme.

More Information

Relevant protocols, regulations and recovery agreements are being finalised and we will provide further detail on requirements for MRF operators as soon as these are available.

(1) Refer to the Circular Economy (Waste Reduction and Recycling) Act 2021 for the definitions of recycling and reuse.