Scheme Participants

Participants in the scheme

Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme (CDS Vic) is made possible with the participation of industry partners such as Beverage suppliers (First Suppliers), Network Operators, Exporters, Material Recovery Facility Operators, Government and Community. As we bring the scheme to life, it is vital our partners have the information they need to get setup.

You can also view the scheme infographic to learn more about the container refund journey.


We are proud to provide the opportunity for all Victorians to take part in CDS Vic. We work closely with local charities and community groups looking to fundraise through our scheme, helping to change our state for the better.

First Suppliers

We work with businesses supplying beverages in eligible containers – whether manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers or retailers – participate in the scheme. The role of the First Suppliers within the container deposit scheme is to fund the scheme operations.

Zone Operators

Our Network (Zone) Operators are responsible for managing the refund points and making sure customers receive their 10c refund. We have 3 zone operators in Victoria: Visy (North Zone), TOMRA Cleanaway (West Zone), and Return-It (East Zone).


Some businesses buy eligible CDS containers within Victoria and supply the containers to another business outside of the state. These businesses are treated as exporters within the container deposit scheme. Exporters can claim a rebate for these containers.

Material Recovery Facilities

Material recovery facility (MRF) operators registered within the scheme claim processing refunds for eligible containers collected through kerbside recycling bins across the state.

Government Regulator

The scheme’s regulator, Recycling Victoria, IS overseeing the management of the scheme, including the way that businesses and the wider community can participate and interact within the scheme.